7 Inspired Ways to Start Talking About Money & Keep the Conversation Going

What if you could give any child in your life a brighter financial future without spending a single penny?

What if it only took the right words?

Believe it or not, that IS possible.

Talking to children about money now can pay off in a big way later.

And that’s true for “children” of any age — from kiddos in elementary school to adult children who have kids of their own.1


Because talking about money is a way of sharing what you know about it.

And these talks can help children understand how money works and what can come up when it’s time to spend money — or earn it, invest it, or save it.

Yet, those talks aren’t happening as often as they could be.²

That’s true despite the fact that most folks say parents should teach their kids about finance.²

In fact, when it comes down to it, most parents rarely discuss money with their kids. And many folks say they never talk money with their children.²

Maybe that’s why most Millennials and Gen Z-ers turn to social media for advice about money.³

But they won’t find YOUR money wisdom there.

It’s easy enough to start a meaningful conversation about finance and share what you know if you know where to begin.

So, here are some simple, thought-provoking conversation starters to use with anyone age 8 and older.

If you have these in your back pocket — ready to go — you can easily kickstart a talk about money the next time you have the chance. And you could end up sharing some enlightening pearls of money wisdom in the process.

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