Inside the Investor Mind: Bias, Belief, and a Better Way to Make Financial Decisions

What do you think it would take to make better—or even perfect—financial decisions?

More information or more time?

Even with that, you can also use less to do more with your money.

And that means less bias when it’s time to make key financial decisions.

Our feelings, muddled memories, and even faulty reasoning can all nurture our biases.

So can our fears and “intuition.”

Still, with a little understanding of those biases, we can start to break free of them.1

That’s the focus of this month’s Visual Insights Newsletter.

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No one’s perfect, and we may never be able to make flawless financial choices.

That shouldn’t stop us, however, from trying to do better.

And it shouldn’t make us cling to biases that can trip up our money decisions and our financial futures.

Go ahead and click here to find out more about behavioral biases in finance and how to spot them. 

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