Visual Insights Newsletter – Burnout & Willpower Gap

Talent, a high IQ, or self-control?

Which matters more to success in life?

Which matters more to happiness?

Believe it or not, it’s NOT talent or a high IQ.

It’s self-control.

In fact, our success and our happiness depend far more on our self-control and our willpower than our talent or our IQ.¹

And no matter how intelligent, wealthy, attractive, or talented any of us may be, our willpower is like our energy — it’s limited.³

Each of us only has so much willpower.

And that willpower WILL run out at some point.

When it does, the willpower gap can trip us up.

The willpower gap is when excuses, low motivation, and poor choices can get in the way of our goals. And it can happen whenever we spend too much of our willpower.

But it doesn’t have to.

We can close that willpower gap, and any one of us can improve our self-control.⁴


Let’s take a look at some simple exercises for closing the willpower gap and strengthening self-control.

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