Fear, Greed & Shrinking Returns

What do you consider when you want to buy something? 

What about when you want to sell an item?

Believe it or not, a lot of buying and selling decisions in the markets are NOT based on numbers at all. 

Instead, many of us defer to our emotions.

We let fear and greed take center stage.

With that, losses often follow. 

Fear and greed are natural responses to our environment. These emotions can also get in the way of rational decisions.1

That’s crystal clear when we look at some of the biggest market bubbles, busts, and crises over the past few decades. They reveal just how greed fueled impulsive buys while fear sparked fast panic. 

Time and again, that’s meant crashes and market meltdowns.  

That’s the focus of this month’s Visual Insights Newsletter. 

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The truth is we’re emotional creatures, but we don’t have to make emotional decisions with our money.

That’s easier said than done when market shakeups cause scary uncertainties. 

Still, any one of us can start muting that greed and fear when we know how it works and how it can rob us of returns. 

When we do, we’ll be able to make more sound choices, no matter what the markets do.

Go ahead and click here to see how ~$25+ trillion disappeared over the last four decades because of greed and fear.

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