Visual Insights Newsletter – How Simple Gratitude Practices Can Make Life Better

Thank you.

When was the last time you said those words?

How often do you really even say them?

If you’re like most folks, you’re not saying, “thank you,” as much as you think.

In fact, most of us rarely say, “thanks,” even when someone’s doing us a favor or giving us a gift.

How rarely? Only about once every 20 times there’s an opportunity.1

And, yet, expressing gratitude can be really good for us.

It ignites positive emotions and lets us focus on what’s good in our lives. That can get us to step outside of our day-to-day thinking and start seeing things in a new light.

Even the simplest expressions of gratitude can go a long way toward making life happier – or even healthier.

How does gratitude fit into your life?

Is it part of every day?

Or do you only think about it around the holidays?

For most folks, showing gratitude is pretty rare.1


Cynicism or a sense of entitlement get in the way of expressing gratitude for some folks. They may feel that expressing gratitude doesn’t make a difference or that they deserve whatever they get so they don’t need to show appreciation for it.2

But, for many of us, we simply aren’t in the habit of showing gratitude.

So, how can we make gratitude a habit?

What simple things can we do to be more thankful and get more out of life?

Let’s look at some easy, meaningful ways to practice gratitude every day.

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