Visual Insights Newsletter – Inflation True or False Quiz

Opinion needed: What’s the BIGGEST problem we face these days?

You might be surprised (or not).

According to surveys, it’s not gun violence, violent crime, illegal immigration, or even racism if you ask most folks.

It’s inflation.1

And it’s fueling some very serious worries.

In fact, most folks worry a great deal about inflation.2

And these concerns have grown so much recently that they’re now at an all-time high — we haven’t been this worried about inflation since the 1980s.2

That’s causing a lot of us to rethink our financial decisions, big and small. And many are bracing for the worst.3

Are you?

Well, it could depend on what you know about inflation.

That’s because the more you know, the better you’ll be at checking your worries — and making smarter decisions when there’s a fresh financial shock.4

So, what do you really know about inflation?

Let’s find out!

Test your knowledge with a 7-question True/False Quiz, covering the basics of inflation.

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