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What are the BEST and WORST days to try to make a change in your life?

You can change anything at any point, of course.

But if you want to form new habits or create healthier behaviors that really stick, there ARE better and worse days to give it a try.

And believe it or not, Monday — or whichever day starts your week — is usually be the ideal day to try something new.¹

The worst day?

It’s whenever your week ends — the last day — which is Sunday for most folks.¹

We have the fresh start effect to thank for that.

A few simple strategies can help any of us achieve a fresh start, no matter how many times we’ve tried in the past without success.

In fact, just by knowing how the fresh start effect works, you can start to leverage it to make your life better.

It’s natural to think about clean slates and fresh starts whenever the New Year rolls around.

But that is not the only time we can think about starting fresh. And there are many simple tactics we can use to “hit reset” well past the New Year.

Click here for simple, yet clever, tactics for making the most of the fresh start effect.

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