Visual Insights Newsletter – Silver Linings of Uncertainty

Do you enjoy a riveting mystery? What about watching pro sports or gambling?

We usually don’t like uncertainty. But that’s exactly what draws us into mysteries, sports, and gambling.¹ ⁻ ³

And those chances aren’t limited to the fun, exciting activities we seek out.

There can also be plenty of opportunities in the stressful uncertainties that come out of the blue.

No matter when or why things don’t go as expected, uncertainty isn’t all bad.

It can actually be good for us. And it can come with all sorts of silver linings we wouldn’t experience otherwise.

When we’re facing the unknown, it’s OK to feel overwhelmed, and even the smartest folks can freak out, worry, and panic.

But if we know how uncertainty can be good for us and how to tolerate it better, we can make the most of it.

And we can discover new ways to thrive and enjoy life, both in and outside of turbulent times.

So, what type of lemonade can we make from the lemons of uncertainty?

Let’s find out by looking at some of the incredible silver linings of uncertainty.

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