Travel Safer and Smoother: Tips for the Modern Jetsetter

Guess what Italy, Egypt, Cuba, Morocco, Greece, and South Korea all have in common?

They’re all top recommended travel destinations this year.1

And whether you’re planning to visit one of these exciting locales — or your upcoming trip takes you off the beaten path — your next adventure could be a disaster if you’re not careful.

How many times have you seen gimmicks like this?1

FREE vacations!

Premium vacation rentals for CHEAP!

LOWEST PRICES on charter flights, international travel documents, cruises & more! Act NOW — offer only good for the next 24 hours!

Those probably look like travel scams, right?

Some scams are really obvious, but other scams aren’t.

And any of us can fall prey to them, especially if we’re out of our element and we’re caught off guard.

The good news is that travel scams can be easier to identify if we know a thing or two about them.

And they’re just one aspect of travel safety that the modern traveler should know about.

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